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Circle Line, 1969

Circle Line,

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Arthur Getz was the most prolific cover artist in the history of The New Yorker magazine. Over a fifty-year period, 1938 to 1988, 213 Getz covers were printed. He also contributed hundreds of "spot" drawings to the magazine.

Former New Yorker art editor Lee Lorenz wrote of Getz: "He drew inspiration equally from the nightclubs of Manhattan and the apple orchards of New England; but his covers, taken as a group, seem really to be about the joy of painting itself. He preferred a high-keyed palette, and laid on his colors with an energy and directness that often led him to the edge of Abstract Expressionism."
(-from "Family Album:Arthur Getz" - The New Yorker, February 5, 1996)

Getz also did illustrations for numerous other publications throughout his lifetime, including Audubon, Consumer Reports, Cue, Esquire, Fortune, The Nation, and Reader's Digest.

To view additional New Yorker covers by Arthur Getz, visit the website of The Cartoon Bank, a New Yorker Magazine company.
Turkeys in Tunnel, 1976

Turkeys in Tunnel,

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Lobster Painter, 1958

Lobster Painter,

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World Series at Pete's Restaurant, 1956

World Series at Pete's Restaurant,

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